Lyrics: Now Is The Time

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Now is the the Time

What is our fight
we take a stand
we’re here to bring
peace to the land

Boldly we stride
confident and free
together we unite
to change humanity

Now is the time we’re on the move
to shape the future let’s begin
Let’s sing and dance
touch every heart
We have the choice we have the way
we make the causes every day
everybody standing proud and strong

We have our goals
we will explore
challenging our lives
opens up new doors

We want to share
the treasure we’ve found
listen and you’ll hear
the universal sound

Words by Lourdes Pita, Adrienne and Jean Roberts
Music by Lourdes and Adrienne


Writing on the Wall

Why do you run away from me
what have I done
won’t you try to help me see?

I hear your voice
soothe my ears and comfort me
I know I have the choice
to be how I want to be

I can see the writing on the wall
it reads apologies for my mistakes
you are the one that catches me when I fall
turning night time into day

I walked into your room
and found a picture of you
on top of a mountain enjoying the view

When I think of you
I feel the sun and the waves
and the warm wind brushing me across my face

Words and music by Lourdes Pita



There’s always a solution
when if comes from the heart
of your soul
Don’t think of the hurt
when you have the love
of your youth

You’ve lived life
raising us
You’ve many years left
to feel happy

And your husband
who is also my grandfather
what a lovely man

How fortunate  we are
worry no more because…

You left your homeland
before my birth
I’ll never see it
maybe someday I will
for now I can only imagine

What the big house was like
and the family I never met
the children already have children
how swiftly the years pass


Todo tiene solución
cuando viene del corazón
de tu alma
No pienses del dolor
cuando tienes el amor
de tu infancia

Has vivido la vida
criándonos a nosotros
Todavia te quedan muchos años
para sentirte feliz

Y tu esposo
quien es también mi Abuelo
Que hombre más hermoso
que fortuna tenemos
No te preocupes más…porque

Dejaste tu patría
antes de yo nacer
Yo nunca Ia veré
quizas un dia la conoceré
por ahora lo puedo maginar

Como era la casa grande
y la familia
que nunca he conocido
los hijos ya tienon hijos
quo pronto los años pasan

Words and music by Lourdes Pita


River of Dreams

When I heard your voice crying out in desperation
I felt so much for you I wanted you to believe
in the plan in the call in the sounds of creation
You fought so hard to reach this point of victory

I can remember all of the times that we’ve been through
You can believe that I’ll always be there for you
Our connection is creating a stream
that flows into the river of our deepest dreams

You confide in my words
in my heart that reaches out to you
There is no better feeling I could choose
With all the war and all the pain
that this world seems to be going through
if we win together
that’s the best thing we can do

Words and music by Lourdes Pita


Don’t Walk Away

I know I will see you
down the road
maybe in time our love will unfold
Until then I will wait for you
and remember the times we shared that only we knew

Please don’t walk away, I know you’re afraid
Just think how for we’ve come
I thought we had it made

This isn’t the first time you’ve closed the door
leaving me stranded out in the cold
And It hurts to let go of you
I wish we could share our thoughts and work it through

As I walked down the street today I thought I saw you
Every corner I turned a strange deja vu
As the bus pulled away in a cloud of dust
I made my way in a heated rush

Don’t walk away…

Words and music by Lourdes Pita


Familiar Shades

I can feel you through the distance
feel like I’ve known you once before
there’s a power giving rise to
your words like the sounds of the shore

When I met you it didn’t feel new
I took for granted you were a friend
now I want to get to know you
so we can start all over again

You came to me just in time
like the cycle of spring
you ease my mind
Now here we are living each day
we send the letters page by page
words of amber
familiar shades…

Now I wake up in the morning
and I can’t get you out of my head
everything is changing for me
I’m in the moment looking ahead

Words and music by Lourdes Pita


Another Day

I open my eyes and I see you
there in the shadows of the full moon
some kind at magic brought you to me
Oh what a treasure true friends can be

I don’t want to see you leave so soon
stay another day
when you leave you still won’t have
gone away

Now I’m by myself but I’m not alone
I can still feel you here with me
I remember all at the times that we shared
it’s like living inside a dream

Words and music by
Lourdes Pita and Elizabeth Driver


Without Her

It hurts for me to hear you say goodbye
counting off the reasons why
you re clinging to your sorrow
thinking that there’s no tomorrow
Without her

I feel your pain and I don’t know why
it’s tearing you up inside
I don’t want to lead you by the hand
although I want to help you understand
that you can live
Without her

Without Her…
I hear your voice crying
and you feel like dying
you don’t feel complete
give in to self defeat
Without Her…

You’re looking for someone to keep you together
can’t see beyond inclement weather
you know it can only get better and better
when you learn to let go
and you find you’re much stronger
Without Her

It’s hard for me to try and help you see
you have got to want to win
there’s only so much a friend can do
to help you stop from giving in
to the pain that you feel
Without Her

…but you have the choice to take control
Without Her

Words and music by Lourdes Pita


Images of You

Familiar faces knocking at my door
I can hear traces of sounds I’ve heard before
I can’t explain them I can’t define
I try and hide it but you read my mind

There’s a wall that I can’t break through and
I stall from seeing the truth

Images of you floating in my mind
you’re standing by the river side
throwing rocks thinking how you might find
the way to my thoughts reflecting images of you

Inside the doorway inside my head
a painted picture of what lies ahead
although I’m certain we’ve made a tie
and try and hide It but you read my mind

There’s a wall that I can’t break through
and I stall from seeing the truth

Words and music by Lourdes Pita


Free to Love

In the darkest of nights
I hear a voice calling my name
I wonder where the sound is coming from
It draws me in with words of love
it’s something I’ve been dreaming of

I followed the beautiful voice
I know she’s been waiting for me
to share with me the gift of life
in this moment of eternity
I hear her say…

You are free to love
take my hand and I will be the one
to show you how beautiful you are
how all your dreams will come true
especially for you…

I see her in disbelief
freeing me of all my anger and grief
I said to her where have you been
please promise you will never leave again

All dressed in white
like a golden stream of light
We held each other tight
and she whispered in my ear

Words and music by Lourdes Pita