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Lourdes Pita is at the pinnacle of her talents in House of Light, her latest, most polished and flawlessly consistent album. The title track, House of Light (Casa de Luz), is her first mixed English and Spanish song. Lourdes’ music is full of an exquisite tension coupled with resolutions that transport you in perfect synch with the intelligent, often profound lyrics. Her lovely, pristine voice makes it clear she loves life no matter how tough circumstances are because she believes living is very much like singing a song—it is whatever we choose to make of it. Lourdes has clearly chosen to live in The House of Light and it’s a true pleasure to visit her there. Keeping the Heart Open, By My Side and The Image are among the best songs she has ever written; the bluesy track, Stick Around, is irresistible; and if you’re not on your feet already the remix of her popular track, In Control, will definitely get you going. This fine album features two bonus tracks in Spanish.