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From the first track on House of Light you can tell it’s going to be a wonderful listen. The diversity in Lourdes Pita’s songs is clear from the upbeat and fun sounds of “Stick Around” to the beautiful melodic and soft sounds of “Heaven In Your Eyes”. The positive, energetic title track, “House of Light”, highlights what  Lourdes is all about, beautiful and human song writing. The flow from start to finish on this CD takes listeners on a journey reaching the depths of human emotions…a CD you’ll want to listen to again and again.

Jackie Shea, Member Relations, A&R Unlimited, LLC


I have LOTS of friends who have put out CDs but only one or two besides Lourdes have managed to put out music that I play repeatedly. The vast majority I play one time and never again. I think I had her “Water’s Edge” tape in my car player for about a month stretch at one point.

She excels at singing and writing. And though she always would be critical of her own guitar playing, I thought her playing had a sophistication that you don’t often here from “singer/songwriters” in the general genre she works in. (I wouldn’t call it folk, I wouldn’t call it rock, I wouldn’t call it folk rock, hell… I don’t know what I’d call it other than “damn good”.)

I greatly enjoyed cutting some demos with her, and we did one gig together.

Dave Blickstein from the band “NY Hitmen”


It is a true gift to be able to write songs that are bright and stick in your listeners’ heads in the most pleasant way. Lourdes Pita has that gift. It is a bit of a challenge to label this Massachusetts-based songstress (not that one should put labels on things). She is described as folk-pop, for she has too much of a pop sound to be called folk, but too much of a folk attitude to be called pop.

Lourdes’ philosophy to “seize the dream” is found throughout her third album. As a songwriter, her lyrics are simple and easy to understand, with beautiful music to back them up. The range of subjects is fairly diverse, jumping from friendship to love to the future. Lourdes even tackles some darker themes, like the “Obstacles” in life, or the often-neglected subject of the “Work Day.”

Her most incredible strength, however, is her knack for creating melodies and simple harmonies that are impossible to resist. This effort appears to be a more folk-based collection of songs than her previous works; however, Lourdes also showcases skilled musicianship on the electric guitar. One song in particular, “Fantasy” might be the catchiest on the album, with a U2-esque reverb adding color to an irresistible chorus. Lourdes adds variety with a little blues in “Future, With You,” and some rapping in “Work Day.”

All in all, Seize The Dream is a wonderful collection of songs from a consistently talented singer-songwriter. (Self-released)

Wren Leader, North East Performer Magazine


Lourdes represents herself as a solo songstress …Her guitar playing is excellent. She is a wonderful musician. Lourdes would probably be described as a folk singer but her compositions perfectly suit musical theater. Thread the tunes, write a script and she’d likely have a Broadway hit.

Barbara Morash, New England Performer


“With a voice that equally exudes sweetness and strength, Lourdes Pita leads 10 songs in her CD In Control. Though the title track, “In Control” (a song, by the way, that I related to and was inspired by), is a soulful, bluesy rock tune, the majority of the songs are more flowy, adult contemporary pop. Throughout all the songs – the upbeat to the slower – Lourdes radiates a positive, peaceful sense…like she is centered. Even when she speaks of seeking the answer, such as in “Benefit” – “I always talk about the way/The road to knowledge and clear sight/But I don’t do what I say/I put it off till the time is right but/The time is here the time is now,” she has focus. Though Lourdes’ songs musically are bright and airy, don’t be deceived – she runs through many emotions including anger, but strikes a good balance that symbolizes the entire recording – that of dealing with pain, love, and life, honestly but with a hopeful, positive attitude. Best songs: “In Control,” “Benefit,” the snappy “You’ll Be Mine,” “White Water” – which was as soothing as its title, and “Vida en Venecia” – a beautiful song sung in Spanish that is actually a poem Lourdes’ mother, Juana Rosa Pita wrote that Lourdes put to music. What a lovely and touching collaboration. Interesting note: Duke Levine played guitar on every track but one. Also, my compliments to the excellent production – Lourdes’ voice is crystal clear and overall it’s a clean, pro sound.

Debbie Catalano, North East Performer Magazine


Uplifting acoustic based rockers, fueled by a sweet feline voice and some terrific playing makes Lourdes Pita’s In Control an unexpected delight. There is no art work or liner notes accompanying this exceptional sounding CD, so I have no way of knowing who is behind all this great music. I can say for sure, that the production is first rate, the music is well played and the singing is beyond reproach. The tight harmonies are exquisite. When all is said and done, Lourdes Pita has a real gem on their hands with In Control.

Douglas Sloan, Metronome Magazine